Inspired by this hollywood film, Rajamouli's ' RRR ' story

Rajamouli managed to carve a niche for himself in the Telugu film industry. The film, Baahubali, has made him a household name in the States of Telugu and has earned him national and international recognition. His films have established themselves to be above the top, packed with action and technically challenging.

Rajamouli has always been very discreet regarding his projects, which has led a lot of people to talk about the script. One such rumor among the business circles and fans is that Rajamouli has taken inspiration for the movie' RRR' from the game 300 portrayed by Gerad Butler. It is said that Tarak is going to fight a wolf just like Gerad did in 300. They're still preparing a night battle scene that's supposed to happen in the dark just like it was in the movie 300.

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