We've Got A New Action Hero In The Area, Says Samantha

Naga Shourya agreed to play a short part in her film "Oh Child," lead protagonist Samantha still feels happy and grateful and wants to give it back. Right now, she's pushing "Aswathama" on social media in her own way.

Today morning, Samantha told her followers to book tickets to watch the city's newest action hero. Sharing a picture with Naga Shourya, she hailed the hero as the sweetest and most hard-working performer. Definitely, with Samantha's phrase, the Aswathama movie might get a bit of attention on Saturday and Sunday, say business pundits.

Created and produced by Naga Shourya, Aswathama is a crime thriller that works on the lines of many other films we've seen in recent times. But, in terms of narrative, the film failed to attract the audience, although Naga Shourya claimed that he wrote the best of the best story. So a lot of marketing is required now to get the crowd to the theaters. Let's see if the word of Samantha will improve.

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