Vishnumanchu Family Ugadi Special Photos

Vishnumanchu Family Celebrate Ugadi 2020. this time this family shares photo shoot photos.

Vishnumanchu wife shares this photos with this below caption.
Ugadi Subakankahalu to all of you. In times like these I like to reminisce the happier moments in life. These were some images from my cousins’s wedding last year.
In the beginning of every year I always ask God for direction for the year. This year the theme was about time and space. I was puzzled as to what that meant. But Slowly things started to unravel and our space is being constricted and time seems elongated. So God is reminding us to all have faith and remember that He is in control, and God is the God of time and space. Praying that these uncertain times pass quickly and more importantly, the virus controlled eradicated.
Pl remember to stay safe during this time and maintain social distance. And be of good courage!

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