Another Star Hero In Pawan Kalyan Movie

The Ayyappan Koshyam remake is also one of the latest films to be announced from Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Ever since the official announcement of the film, it has been the talk of Tollywood. Apart from that, there are various rumors circulating for another key point in the film.

Along with Pawan, another powerful role in the film will continue throughout the film. The names of many star heroes for the role are now circulating and now another hot buzz has come into the line. According to the buzz, another star hero has been named for the role. He is none other than Sandalwood star hero Kicha Sudeep.

Kicha Sudeep played a key role in many Telugu films, is now heard for that role. However, it is known that Sudeep met Pawan only a few days back. Even then many suspicions arose. Anyway there is a good deal of excitement about that role in this crazy project. The film will be directed by young director Sagar K and produced by Sithara Entertainments.

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