Divi Vadthya Bigg Boss Journey


Divi Vaidya Bigg Boss has been eliminated from the fourth season. Her fans are still unable to digest the fact that Divi has been eliminated. In this context, Divi shared many stories about the journey of Big Boss. To this end, he gave an interview to a channel. Divi said in it.

Didn't expect to come out. It was painful to be eliminated on Dussehra Day. But I got out as well as how I went. Big Boss House is a art, a drug. No one can imagine when that will happen. I have no connection with Lasya Akka. More than that we have already gotten into a lot of trouble. I came into the nomination myself with the idea of ​​putting a full stop to all of them. She cooks for everyone in the house. Such a person has not yet been afflicted and wept. Everyone thinks it silly to nominate her because of the pop in the previous nomination.

Many people are crying as soon as they step into the house. Are feeding each other. The first day I was amazed that everyone behaved so weirdly. So for three days everyone was silent, keeping an eye on it. That's exactly what everyone in the Morning Masti can say. And as a dancer I have to look pretty. Even a minor injury can have an effect. Our mom never even bought a bike that would hurt me in any way. So I did not go to the house to break my legs on a physical task. However, when Sujata told me that I was scared of physical tasks, I completed the task of sitting in the manger without any other thought. Sitting in it for three hours I will never forget in life.

There is no big connection with anyone in the house. Wrong with Amma Rajasekhar! I believed the caring he was showing me was real. But because of him, I could not influence my game. I would definitely condemn him if he said anything wrong behind my back. There is no purpose behind being with him. I did not like Abhijit stepping down from the first task with the confidence that people will save him. Nagarjuna Sar also mentioned the same point. It was a great pleasure to finally say goodbye on Samantha’s hands. I talked to the contestants on the telephone after the elimination. But I don’t know why it wasn’t telecast. I had the opportunity in serials before Big Boss. My focus is on movies and web series rather than TV. Is there a task of filming in the house? I directed the romantic scenes between Akhil and Monal.

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