Hrithik Roshan Luxury Apartment

Bollywood star hero Hrithik Roshan has recently bought two more apartments in Mumbai. It's not a big deal but the price of these apartments facing the sea has now become the talk of the industry. Krrish has literally spent Rs 97.5 crore on these. The Koi Mil Gaya star continues to have two apartments facing the sea in Juhu. From these apartments the whole beauty of the Arabian Sea looks amazing.

Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan is aware of the fact that he has a bungalow at the Bandra Bond Stand. The name Mannath is something that is familiar to all the fans. Hrithik's apartment name is also close to the same name. All the transactions related to this apartment were completed a few months ago. Now with the latest payment of Rs 97.5 crore, the deal is closing. This is a 6,500 square foot apartment. It features a Sky Open Terrace, ten parking spaces and a special lift for Hrithik. These were presented to Hrithik by builder Sameer Bojwani.

Hrithik Roshan often shares beautiful photos of his home with fans through his social media accounts. Hrithik has been renting an apartment in Juhu since June 2020. They are paying Rs 8.25 lakh per month for this. Hrithik is now in good spirits with back-to-back hits like Super 30, War.

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