King Is Back - Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Bigg Boss 4 Today is the weekend. I don't know if everyone sees Bigg Boss every day but, even those who have not seen it every day are watching today. Because the host is coming. If the housemates make any mistakes, they will take classes. If anyone has any issues, they will give them clarity. As always, audiences are eagerly awaiting this week's episode. However, it is not clear who will be the host this week. Because Nagarjuna was going to Manali for shooting.

Nag is currently shooting a wild dog. So he went there for the shooting. It was against this backdrop that last week Kodalu took on those responsibilities and hosted. Samantha also got good marks.

But now there is clarity on the matter. Nagarjuna will be the host this week. Confusion ended with the release of a promo video by Star Ma. Let's see what class Nag plays in today's episode and what kind of games he plays.

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