Poonam Bajwa Introducing Her Boyfriend

 Beauty queen Poonam Bajwa has been introduced to the silver screen with the film 'First Movie'. She then starred opposite King Nagarjuna in the film 'Boss'. However, with the flop of this film, there were no big opportunities in Telugu. If not she has played special roles in movies like 'Ceremony' 'Run' 'NTR Hero'. However, why did Poonam not impress in Telugu as much as expected.

Today, on the occasion of her boyfriend Sunil Reddy's birthday, she broke the heart of the fans by revealing the relationship between them. Poonam shared some romantic photos with Sunil Reddy saying Birthday Wishes to Priyudi via Instagram for the first time. "Birthday Greetings Sunil. Beautiful mind for this handsome guy My partner Life Mate Romantic Date Play Mate Soul Mate. I mean for you happiness good health excitement love fun lively Travel Forever from this moment! I love you!'' Poonam Bajwa congratulated her boyfriend.

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