Samantha Akkineni Taking More Than Nagarjuna

 Samantha is a heroine who excels in any role. Akkineni, who entered the house as a cousin, has been performing in different roles since her marriage. Familiar with the actress till now, she entertained the fans by acting as a commentator for the first time through the Bigg Boss show. They want to host the rest of the week as well as the blockbuster episode of Dasara.

Nagarjuna is currently in the Himalayas for wild dog shooting. They are going to stay there for 21 days. That's why Big Boss Responsibility was placed on the shoulders of baby Sam. It seems that Sam will be doing a total of five episodes, including the Dussehra episode that Sam did. It is rumored that the Bigg Boss team is paying Rs 2.10 crore to Sam for this. For this calculated episode Rs. Receiving over 40 lakhs. That is to say, Big Boss is charging enough remuneration for a movie.

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