Shocking : Prabhas Nag Ashwin Movie Budget


Prabhas last acted in 'Saaho' before the budget was less than Rs 100 crore. However, after Prabhas commitment to the film, the two parts of 'Baahubali' were released one after the other. The variety of their collections went on at an unimaginable rate. The Prabhas range has changed as expected. With this, 'Saaho' was able to increase the budget. It eventually crossed Rs 300 crore.

However, the film did not do as expected and Prabhas seems to be exercising some budget control over his new film 'Radheshyam'. But there seems to be no such limit to the films that Prabhas is going to make after this. The rumors circulating about the budgets of Prabhas' two new films.

Bollywood media has reported that Prabhas' 'Adipurush' budget with Bollywood director Om Routh is Rs 500 crore. If the same is true, 'Adipurush' is set to break records as the highest budget movie in India. However, it is clear from the words of producer Ashwinidat that Prabhas is going to break this record again. It is learned that Prabhas will be making a scientific thriller under the direction of his son-in-law Nag Ashwin in the production of Dutt. In a recent video interview, Dutt said that the budget of the film alone is Rs 600 crore.

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