Aishwarya Rajesh Get Niveda Pethuraj Chance

There will be no clarity until the heroines in the movie are final and go on set. Anything can happen at any moment. Chances are the heroine will change at the last minute and take someone else. Things like this are common. Heroines also commit to two or three films at a time. However, if a movie is postponed for any reason, it will affect another movie. Dates are not adjusted.

The same has now happened in the case of Niveda Pethuraj. She committed to a film with Sai Dharam Tej. The film is directed by Devakatta. Now the dates problem has come as the shooting has stopped due to Corona. She is currently starring in 'Pon Manikkavell "Red", "Party", "Jagajala Kiladi". In which "Red‌" is ready for release. Sai Dharam Tej has given up on the film due to trouble with dates regarding the shooting of other films. With this, it seems that Aishwarya has chosen Rajesh in her place. Aishwarya is also full busy doing over half a dozen movies.

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