Bigg Boss Season 4 Mehboob Was Eliminated

Mehboob was eliminated in the tenth week from Telugu Bigg Boss Season 4. The day before, there was a leak that Mehboob was going to be eliminated. As expected Nagarjuna announced that Mehboob was eliminated as the leak came. Many felt that Mehboob was likely to be eliminated within the first three to four weeks. Mehboob, who escaped being nominated as a lucky one or two, has been doing his best since then. He became known as a very hard working man. There is no doubt in the charm of contestant Mehboob who can dance superb more than anyone else in the house.

People commented that Monal, who is much weaker than Mehboob, is likely to be eliminated. But something energized Monal again. Sohail burst into tears as soon as Mehboob announced the elimination. Mehboob, who gives 200% in all tasks, asked with emotion why he was eliminated. Mehboob was leaving which meant that every single member of the household also shed tears. Abhijit, who does not always show serious emotion, also shed tears.

Abhijit was addressed as Mehboob Annayya. Abhijit Kanta got wet at that time. He immediately wiped away the tears and gave the sendoff to Mehboob. Lasya's younger brother sent word of caution. So everyone also shed tears for Mehboob. This is the first time that all the members of the family have shed tears for each other. That is why netizens are praising Mehboob for winning the hearts of everyone even if he does not survive as the Bigg Boss winner.

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