Actress Sonia Agarwal Latest News

7/G Brindavan Colony heroine Sonia Agarwal is currently eagerly waiting for movie offers. She married director Selva Raghavan while she was busy as a heroine. Divorce after marriage has been torn apart for a few days in controversy. After that the offers in the movie decreased occasionally shining with some TV programs and now getting opportunities as a character artist.

The mother-in-law recently posted a photo on her social media. In this latest photo, Sonia Agarwal has become unrecognizable. Made entirely of Sannajajila. Others say this latest photo Sonia is good. The heroine has no chances. Now confined to side characters, Sonia has recently been offered the role of mother by someone in the tribe.

Sonia asked if Trisha and Nayantara, the heroines with her, would ask this. Sonia, who has been made unrecognizable in her new incarnation, has also revealed that she has undergone plastic surgery. Her photos are currently circulating on social media.

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