Prabhas buy costliest car in the World

prabahs car

After Bahubali, Prabhas became a Pan India star. If you want to do a movie with him, at least Rs. 400 crore is required. Prabhas' life and luxuries are at the same level as remuneration. It is rumored that Prabhas has already bought an expensive house in Mumbai. Recently Prabhas bought a Lamborghini car, one of the most costly car brands in the world. Prabhas buys an expensive Lamborghini Avenger S Roadster model. Fortunately, this is only the second car in the country. This means that the leading company has informed that only Prabhas and another person have this model car. When it comes to the price of this car .. Rs 5 to 6 crore. Prabhas, who owns a super brand car to suit his range, has become the talk of the industry. 

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prabahs car photos

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