Wedding Photos of TV celebrities go viral

Now there is no doubt that fan following will be high for movie stars as well as TV celebrities. Audiences remember television celebrities who entertain with TV shows all week long more than movie, who entertain one day a week ..! Even on social media, most of the air is not. In other words, even in the movies, they are getting more and more opportunities. However, most of them enjoying star status on television are Nagababu, Anchor Suma and Anasuya. Meanwhile, wedding photos of some of the most popular celebrities on television are now going viral on social media. Among these, Nagababu's wedding photos and the wedding photos of Suma and Rajiv Kanaka are the highlights.

TV celebrities wedding photos. Check it out below

1. Nagababu

naga babu marriage
naga babu wedding
naga babu marriage photos
2.Suma Kanakala
Suma Kanakala marriage
Suma Kanakala wedding
Suma Kanakala marriage photos
3.'Zabardast' comedian Getup Srinu
Getup Srinu marriage
Getup Srinu wedding
Getup Srinu marriage photos
4.'Zabardast' comedian Auto Ramprasad
Auto Ramprasad marriage
Auto Ramprasad wedding
Auto Ramprasad marriage photos
5.Chalaki Chanti
Chalaki Chanti wedding photos
Chalaki Chanti marriage
Chalaki Chanti marriage photos

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