Uppena Beauty Krithi Shetty Rare and Unseen Pics

Kriti Shetty has become a crazy beauty in Tollywood with the movie 'Uppena'. Now Bebamma is the most wanted heroine. But the latest work is rare photos. pics of a kid, the ads she did are now going viral.

The movie 'Uppena', directed by Buchibabu and starring Vaishnav Tej as the hero, was released on February 12 and became a huge hit. Has become a hot topic in Tollywood. 

However, the main reason for her acting so well is that she is good at Indian dance. That’s why the air wells are so neat. Her parents, who had already identified the dance talent in the work, trained her from the beginning. Shetty is the daughter of Nithi Shetty and Krishna Shetty from Tamil Nadu. She seems to have danced on many stages before coming to the movies. That is why the work has a lot of parental encouragement. On one occasion, Kriti Shetty also mentioned this. Currently, Kriti Shetty is acting in Nani and Sudhir Babu movies.

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