Vakeel Saab Heroine Ananya Nagalla Latest Photos

Venu Sriram directed the film `Vakeelsaab` starring Pawan Kalyan as the hero, Anjali, Niveda Thomas and Ananya Nagalla in key roles. Built by Dilraju. The film is set to release on the 9th of this month. On the occasion, Ananya shared many interesting things with the media on Tuesday.

When auditioning for this film, it was not known before that it was a Pawan Kalyan film. Three rounds were auditioned. I was surprised to learn. If we encounter unexpected happiness in life we ​​do not immediately think it is true. I had the same feeling even after my selection in the movie `Vakeel Saab`. After seeing a lot of rejections in the film industry, I could not believe that I was really acting in Pawan Kalyan's film even after a few days.

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