Tollywood Artist Surekhavani Latest Stunning Photos

Actress Surekhavani, who has made a name for herself in Tollywood as a character artist, is not only entertaining on the silver screen. Not only did she get many good characters, but she also got a good reputation. It's insane to see her craze on social media. She posted photos taken at home last night on social media. Surekha's daughter Supreeta celebrates in her room with her friends on the occasion of Surekha's birthday. In fact, Surekha has been in the film industry for a long time. Surekha Vani shared these photos and told Supreeta that I have no other asset in my life other than you. Not only that, she is ready to get married for the second time. Everyone is having a heated discussion about her second marriage which she said was not a goal. In fact, she faced many ups and downs after her husband's death. She is 40 years old. Now it has become a topic of discussion. See More: Actress Anjali

Pc : Surekhavani...(Instagram/artist_surekhavani)

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Artist Surekha Vani Share Latest Photos
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