Keerthy Suresh Spends Free Time with Her Pet

Everyone knows about Keerthy Suresh. No matter how busy she is with movies she stays in touch with his fans with social media. So recent photos that Keerthy Suresh shares on social media.

Those who follow Keerthy Suresh on social media will know about Nyke. Keerthy Suresh's favorite pet name Nyke. Keerthy Suresh takes Nyke with him wherever she goes. However, Keerthy Suresh misses Nyke a lot when she goes abroad for his film shootings. Keerthy Suresh shared videos showing how Nyke runs with him and they went viral. However, Keerthy Suresh recently posted.

Keerthy Suresh posted pics with her nyke on World Picnic Day special. Keerthy Suresh is currently ready to greet the audience with the movie Good Luck Sakhi and Miss India.

Pc: Keerthy Suresh with her pet latest pic...(Instagram)

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