Karthi Viruman movie actress Aditi Shankar looks elegant in her latest photos

Aditi Shankar Actress

Actress Aditi Shankar will be making her debut starring Karthi upcoming film 'Viruman' directed by Muthaiya. She is the second daughter of famous director S. Shankar. It has been reported that Aditi Shankar, an MBBS doctor. This actress has now signed on to star in the upcoming 'Viruman' film. Recently, this movie film pooja ceremony very grandly.

Actor Surya, Jyothika, director Shankar, director Muthaiya, Aditi Shankar, Legendary Actor Sivakumar and this film hero Karthi and many others were present.

Recently, 'Viruman' first look poster of Aditi has captivated the fans. Despite reports that several directors are trying to get him to act in subsequent films Aditi Shankar is determined to focus on other films only after she has finished acting in the first film.

Aditi Shankar recently shared her gorgeous photos on social media. Those pictures goes viral. Check it out below

Pc: Aditi Shankar..(Instagram)

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