Telugu Bigg Boss 4 Divi Vadthya looks beautiful latest pictures

Telugu Actress Divi Vadthya

Actress Divi Vadthya who has acted small roles in many movies. But this beauty today became very popular after entry in Bigg Boss 4 show. She is currently a sensation heroine in Tollywood. After, she come out on Bigg Boss, this beauty gained huge fans in Tollywood.

Currently, Divi craze is increasing day by day. This actress recently starred in 'Cab Stories' web series. Divi Vadthya is getting good marks for her performance in this movie. Recently, she got series opportunities that come her way.

This actress who made her entry into movies from modeling, she acted as the heroine in some films but has not been recognized. Divi who appeared in a small role in Mahesh Babu movie 'Maharshi'. Bigg Boss season 4, she came closer to the Telugu audience. After this show she got a lucky chance to act in a Chiranjeevi movie.

Divi Vadthya continuously posted her photos on social media is going viral. She has gained 8 lakh followers on Instagram. The beauty recently shared her latest photos. Those pictures goes viral. Check it out below

Pc: Divi Vadthya..(Instagram)

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