Tollywood anchor Ashu Reddy looks graceful in black saree

Tollywood Anchor Ashu Reddy

Many people who have achieved celebrity status in a very short period of time due to social media. One of them is Telugu Bigg Boss Season 3 beauty Ashu Reddy. This beauty popularity skyrocketed after she went to the Bigg Boss show. Also she anchor for some programs related to television shows.

Ashu Reddy popularly known as Junior Samantha is one such person. This beauty who became famous a long time ago, is captivating the audience with her performance.

Ashu Reddy has gained immense craze on social media with Dubsmash her videos received millions of views and likes. This actress Debut in Telugu movie 'Chal Mohan Ranga' starring with Nithin. Ashu Reddy is always touch with her fans occasionally sharing photos and videos.

Recently, she had created a Youtube Channel she started uploading videos. Recently, this beauty posted her latest photoshoots on social media. These pics are going viral right now. Check it out below

Pc: Ashu Reddy..(Instagram)

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