Adbhutham Film Actress Shivani Rajasekhar Fabulous Looks In This Photos

Shivani.. Rajasekhar's eldest daughter Shivani Rajasekhar made her entry as a heroine with the movie 'Adbhutham'. This film is was released directly on Disney Hotstar and got a good talk.

Shivathmika Rajashekar made her Tollywood entry with the film 'Dorasaani'. After that, she not doing any movies. Currently, Shivani acted some Telugu film like 'Adbhutham', 'Anbarivu' and 'Nenjukku Needhi'. This beauty is currently busy with series of movies.

Already she starring two films have been released on OTT platform. This actress will do her third film with her father Rajasekhar title 'Shekar'. This movie is produced by her sister Shivathmika and directed by Lalith and recently released the first look.

Actor Rajasekhar is which has been away from films for years, is also making a re-entry as a director. Also, this actor two daughters Shivani and Shivathmika are heroines in Tollywood. Shivani is always shared her daily activities with her fans on social media. Recently, this beauty posted her latest photoshoots pics. Those photos goes viral on social media. Let's see

Pc: Shivani Rajasekhar..(Instagram)

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