Love mocktail 2 Rachana Inder look beautiful

Rachana Inder: Sandalwood has some talented actresses as well. To some extent, there is opportunity for new talents in such a beautiful sandalwood. Kannada actresses are making their own place here. Rashmika Mandanna from Kodagu is now well known in all cinema industries. Another heroine has also come from the same Kodagu name Rachana Inder.

She appeared in four films in a row. Two of them were successful. Now we are talking about the young actress Rachana Inder. She is known to everyone from the film 'Love Mocktail' starring Darling Krishna and Milana Nagaraj. In the film, she became an introduction to the Kannada industry.

Rachana acted in 'Harikathe Alla Girikathe' film. Also, she played Janaki role in the 'Love 360' film. People also liked this role. This beauty is listening to the some stories. But there is one more movie that Rachana has accepted. That is the movie starring Golden Star Ganesh. She looks different in this movie. This actress currently acting in 'Tribble Riding' movie. The work of this film is complete.









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