Avatar Director James Cameron Watched The Movie RRR Twice!

Avatar director James Cameron and Tollywood director Rajamouli. A video of them discussing the film "RRR" has gone viral on social media. Cameron praised the Tollywood film in this video. He told to Rajamouli that he had seen RRR twice. As a result, netizens are claiming that Jakanna has broadened the scope of Telugu cinema. RRR posted this video to her official Twitter account.

Rajamouli told Cameron that he had seen your films Titanic, Terminator, and Avatar-2. He praised Cameron saying you are my role model. Rajamouli said your gratitude is more valuable than an award. He tells James Cameron that he still can't believe he's seen the movie. It's great that you examined RRR's film. In response, Cameron praised Rajamouli profusely. I felt fantastic after watching your movie.

This story is being told in a very strong way. The movie's twists and the way the characters of the friends were changed were praised as fantastic. Music director MM Keeravani, who was present, was also lauded. You've provided some fantastic music. RRR, which was released in theatres last year, broke numerous records.

It has gained worldwide recognition. Tollywood fans believe that RRR, who is already nominated for an Oscar, and James Cameron praising Rajamouli after winning the 'Golden Globe' award together is yet another honour for the film crew.

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