Nikhil Siddharth New Movie Spy Teaser Released!

Nikhil Siddharth starred "Karthikeya 2" which arrived with no expectations, huge collections at the box office across the country. The audience in the North responded favourably to this film. For the first time, Nikhil became a Pan Indian star with Karthikeya 2 film. Following that, he had another blockbuster hit with "18 Pages" movie.

Despite his fans requests that he not release the film in the North, he clarified that it was made only for Telugu people. However, Nikhil Siddharth declared that starting now, all of his films will also be in the Pan Indian range. Recently, he is new film "Spy" teaser released.

Nikhil said "After Karthikeya 2, coming with a big film. Multi language Spy thriller is coming this summer". Fans are responding to Nikhil's appearance with comments. Some people have said it's a blockbuster in their comments. He is currently working on finishing Spy film. Following that, Nikhil appears on Karthikeya 3 shooting. Currently, he is latest poster going viral on internet.

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