Ram Charan Talk About Akira Nandan Film Career

Akira Nandan: Superheroes from the Mega family are becoming celebrities on the big screen. Everyone knows how important their personal family life is to them. No matter how high a hero's status is attained, the family bond between them is extremely strong. Pawan Kalyan elder son Akira Nandan is also very close to Ram Charan. However, Ram Charan's unique post commemorating Akira Nandan's birthday has since become a social media sensation.

Currently, Akira Nandan is now celebrating his 18th birthday. Akira Nandan is currently being discussed among Power Star fans. Power fans are looking forward to his Tollywood debut. In this situation, Ram Charan was very open about his relationship with his younger brother on social media on the occasion of Akira's birthday. Ram Charan and Pawan Kalyan has declared that he will handle all of the duties associated with Akira's film career.

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