Another New Heroine Is Receiving A Chance From Nagarjuna

Akkineni Nagarjuna, a senior Tollywood hero takes the lead in encouraging newcomers in the film industry. He supports the technicians, co-actors and directors. He has no problem working with people who are either younger or older than him. According to reports, Nagarjuna will introduce a new heroine to Tollywood in his next film. Manasa Varanasi is a former Femina Miss India 2020.

Nag appears committed to giving Manasa who has already established a solid reputation in modelling and pageants a chance to become a heroine. According to reports, both of them have already had their photoshoots. It is reported that Manasa Varanasi has been waiting a while to play a role that will earn her positive recognition.

She will now have the opportunity to make her debut alongside a big hero like Nagarjuna. A newcomer will also be introduced as a director for the upcoming film starring Nagarjuna and Manasa. Prasanna Kumar and Nagarjuna will work together on a movie. This is Nagarjuna's 99th movie. According to Tollywood insiders, the story and script have been finished and the timing will be decided soon.

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