Ajith Family Is Having Fun In Dubai Photos Going Viral

Ajith is completely different from other actors. The movie business doesn't get involved in anything. Will not participate in any film festivals. If there is one actor who avoids movie promotions. His profession, his passion, his family are his world. That is why criticism and rumors do not reach Ajith. Speaking of his wife Shalini, she was a young star in her youth.

This actress acting in many languages films ​​like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada, she was wowed by his performance. She starring with Ajith in the film 'Amarkalam'. Then their friendship turned into love, which led to marriage. Shalini then stopped acting and focused on family responsibilities. Ajith Shalini's couple is not seen in public very often.

Ajith creates his own world and finds happiness in it. After acting, his favourite pastime is bike racing. He competed in state level bike races and won. After many years, photos of Ajith and Shalini on vacation are circulating on social media. Ajith and his wife Shalini recently took a vacation in Dubai. Recently, he is had a huge hit with 'Thunivu' is soon to start filming his 62nd movie.

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