Pan World Stars Ram Charan And NTR Remuneration Double Triple!

Ram Charan and NTR's craze is touching sky high. RRR "Naatu Naatu" song rang out at the Golden Globes, HCA and Oscar. Furthermore, there are reports that these two are getting opportunities in Hollywood. There are reports that many Hollywood directors are attempting to cast NTR and Ram Charan in their films. These directors have closely observed NTR and Ram Charan and have seen them at many events for RRR promotions in Oscar award ceremonies.

Famous directors such as James Cameron and Steven Spielberg were drawn to their energetic performances in the 'RRR' film. It was long believed that these two would work with the Indian directors Rajamouli, Prashant Neel, Sukumar and Siddharth Anand to plan films, but now there is a chance that they could work with Hollywood directors to act in global productions. According to reports, Ram Chara who normally earns 20 crores per film, received 45 crores for 'RRR'. The same range also applies to NTR. Additionally, it appears that Ram Charan's range, which previously signed a contract for promotion with each brand for 3 to 4 crores, is now approaching the range of 7 to 8 crores.

These two actors have now become global youth icons after winning the Oscar. Numerous corporate products are reportedly lining up to advertise with them in the same order. Jr.NTR, a young actor appears in a few commercials. These two are expected to be able to promote international brands. Furthermore, the trade anticipates that the remuneration, which is currently under 50 crores, will be increased to the 100 crore range. It is known that while Ram Charan will play the role in the Buchi Babu Sana film, NTR will play the role of his friend Koratala Siva movie.

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