After seeing Kanguva's rushes Suriya was impressed

Many consider Suriya the "adopted son" of Tollywood, and his dubbed films have catapulted him to stardom. At one point, his films' box office returns were comparable to those of Tollywood superstar heroes. Nevertheless, Suriya is planning a robust recovery after losing part of his market due to a series of setbacks. Even today, Suriya will still shock people in Telugu areas if a film's advertising material gets people talking.

A picture like "Kanguva," his most recent, seems to be the perfect vehicle for his strong return to filmmaking. The film's posters and trailer have generated a lot of excitement. As an old tribal chief, Suriya, who is famous for immersing himself in his roles, looks terrifying. The movie was co-produced by UV Creations and Studio Green. Siva is in charge of directing this picture, which spans many eras.

According to rumors in Chennai, Suriya saw "Kanguva" and was pleased with the results, although he did have some suggestions for improvements. He reportedly watched a significant portion of the film and was overjoyed. Since it is a work of fiction, he offered several suggestions for improvements, most notably a revamp of VXF to make it seem better.

Kanguva has already caused a stir with its teasers and trailers, and it's going to be published in 34 languages, Telugu included. Speculation has it that Suriya will play more than one role in the film. In addition to the rest of the group, Bobby Deol and Disha Patani play important parts. The soundtrack is being composed by Devi Sri Prasad.

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