An Introduction to Sharwa's Daughter, Leela Devi Myneni

Last year, hero Sharwanand became a parent after marrying Rakshitha Reddy. They are now parents for the first time, and his wife just gave birth to a daughter. Sharwa made the announcement on his birthday.

Pictures of the actor's daughter Leela Myneni were posted with her introduction. The infant is being played with by Sharwa and Rakshita. But the baby's face isn't visible in these photos since they want to show it out at a later date.

Among Sharwa's next projects, today saw the unveiling of the first look and peek of his 35th feature, Manamey. On the eve of his birthday, Sharwanand also revealed his 36th and 37th films, which would feature Abhilash Kankara and Ram Abbaraju, respectively.

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