Anirudh Takes on NTR's Birthday Challenge

Devara, starring Jr. NTR, Koratala Siva, and Anirudh Ravichander, is one of the most anticipated pan-Indian Tollywood productions. Now that we're back on subject, there have been rumblings that the first single from the Devara album may be released on May 20 which happens to be Tarak's birthday so maybe the producers of the album have something special in store to celebrate NTR's birthday on May 20. Then, given the huge expectations that will inevitably surround it, this debut song has a lot riding on it.

To start, Devara's advertising strategy may need a significant boost. The hastily produced stuff, including the preview and title announcement videos, has received acceptable to excellent reviews thus far, but nothing has been able to set the internet ablaze. In order to get people excited about the film, it requires advertising materials that everyone loves.

The most effective strategy for doing this is to have a hit initial song that can dominate playlists. With this one, it is up to Anirudh to deliver. Devara signifies his significant comeback to the Telugu market, which will increase the expectation, and he has been in excellent form recently with Jailer and Leo. It is imperative that Anirudh's rendition of NTR's birthday song from Devara be a smashing success.

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