Attention Is Drawn to Mamitha Baiju's Instagram Glamor

Instagram images of Mamitha Baiju are becoming viral, which is making waves across the internet. Flaunting her free-flowing hair, she wears a lovely minidress adorned with flowers, green cut shoes, and earrings. Presented with the caption "It's a floral phase," Thanks to Pushpa Mathew, Mamitha gives compliments to Resha by Rehana Shana for the clothing and hairstyle, and Ayyaps photography Dubai for the pictures.

The Malayalam films of Indian actress Mamitha Baiju are some of her most famous roles. In 2017, she made her debut in the anime series "Sarvopari Palakkaran." Her subsequent film roles have garnered her praise, such as in "Operation Java" (2021), "Kho-Kho" (2021), "Super Sharanya" (2022), "Pranaya Vilasam" (2023), and "Premalu" (2024).

A masterpiece of Malayalam film, "Premalu" enthralled viewers in Telugu-speaking areas as well as those in Kerala. Kishore Gafoor and Mamitha Baiju play major parts in the film directed by Girish AD. Even more people can see it now that it's out in Telugu as well. Created with a meager budget of only Rs 3 crore, "Premalu" has surpassed the Rs 100 crore milestone, solidifying its position as the greatest hit in India for 2024.

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