"Guntur Kaaram" is a smashing success throughout all regions except Telugu!

"Guntur Karam," superstar Mahesh Babu's Sankranti film, was a box office dud. Fans of Trivikram and Mahesh's work from hits like "Athadu" and "Khaleja" were let down by the film's tired plot and uninspired performances. A lot of people thought the picture was ruined by Trivikram's carefree script. Others brought out the fact that there wasn't much of a plot or an emotional connection. Many people also felt that the movie lacked Trivikram mark phrases.

The movie's respectable box office returns are a result of Mahesh's animated character and his witty one-liners. After much anticipation, the family entertainment finally debuted on Netflix on February 9th, with localizations into Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam among others. The film is still popular on Netflix, even though it has been two weeks. The film's Hindi and Telugu remakes are both now trending on movie lists.

Even though new movies like 'Anweshippin Kandethum' and 'Merry Christmas' have arrived on Netflix, along with a few Hollywood films, 'Guntur Karam' is still visible on the list of Top 10 movies in the Indian area. We're now in the fifth week of the film's availability. Curiously, it is still ranking in the top ten on Netflix in Bangladesh and Pakistan in addition to receiving a massive welcome in India. At this point, it has also been available on Netflix for around five weeks. 'Damsel,' 'Dunki,' and '12th Fail' were also part of this compilation.

North Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis saw the film in theaters before the Telugu public did, thus they came in with lower expectations one of the reasons for the film's success. Aside from the superstar's craze, the song "Kurchini Madathapetti" was also a major factor in the movie's success. Evidently, the Telugu audience was taken aback by this unexpected twist, which demonstrates that 'Guntur Karam' is really rather good.

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