Malayalam Film Premalu to Be Released in Telugu Tollywood by Rajamouli's Son

The new Malayalam film Premalu has been a huge hit and has received a lot of praise. Fans of the Telugu language are eagerly awaiting the film's possible release in their language, thanks to its fascinating plot and vibrant Hyderabad setting. The responsibility of introducing Premalu to the Telugu public has been taken up by SS Karthikeya, the son of the famous filmmaker SS Rajamouli.

At now, Karthikeya is supervising the dubbing process and making sure that the lines stay true to their original form while making little tweaks. The dubbing process for several parts of the film is well under way. On March 8th, theaters in Telugu states will host the Telugu adaptation of Premalu, capitalizing on the Shivaratri weekend.

Audiences in rural areas are becoming just as excited as those in Hyderabad, where the Malayalam version with English subtitles first piqued their interest. Everyone is waiting to see how well Premalu does in Telugu as previous dubbed films have had trouble at the box office.

Premalu has emerged as a smash in Kerala since its debut on February 9th, dominating the box office. Both fans and reviewers of Telugu cinema have lauded the picture, with many praising its realistic depiction of Hyderabad.

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