Nani To Explore In A Multilingual Action Film

Nani is going to investigate action flicks that include many languages. With the release of a new film starring Sujeeth known for his performance in 'Saaho' it seems that Nani is eager to redefine his on-screen character as an action hero. According to those close to the actor, who has been working for over 14 years, he is ready to shed his lover boy image and become a more dynamic action hero.

The current family drama "Hi Nanna" was seen as an experiment by many as Nani's attempt to broaden his acting repertoire. Although he will keep delving into characters with a performance-oriented emphasis, it seems that his current objective is to solidify his position as an action-oriented protagonist. He aspires to connect more profoundly with the public via such roles, driven by the excellent reaction to his tough and gritty part in 'Dasara' and the audience's admiration of his action scenes.

"Nenu Local," "Pilla Zamindar," "Bhale Bhale Moggadivoy," and "Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha" are just a few of Nani's critically acclaimed and commercially successful films that have cemented his place in Telugu cinema. His latest performance in "Shyam Singha Roy" set the foundation for his future projects by hinting at his ability to play parts that are both fierce and passionate.

'Saripodhaa Sanivaram,' an action-adventure film starring Nani and directed by Vivek Athreya, is expected to have a big budget. Nani is hoping to increase his popularity among Hindi and Tamil viewers and thinks that playing parts with a lot of sass would help him do so. He is eager to broaden his horizons in the film industry and expand his portfolio, and his pursuit of a multilingual appeal reflects that aim.

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