Octopus Is Prasanth Varma's Upcoming Project?

Awe, Prasanth Varma's first feature film, made it clear that the director was not trying to fit in with the industry norm. Following that, he focused on that goal in his subsequent works, and his HanuMan became a smash hit, demonstrating his talent. Jai Hanuman, the film's sequel, has been confirmed by the filmmaker. Many have speculated about the cast members he may recruit for Jai Hanuman as a result of this, but the director seems to be taking a little diversion before getting to that.

Prasanth Varma reportedly hasn't decided on a starring actor for Jai Hanuman yet. It seems that the setbacks with the same have prompted him to end an unfinished business venture. Octopus has been Prasanth Varma's pet project for quite some time.

Reportedly, he is back on set and has already shot 65 percent of the scene. The principal role is being played by Anupama Parameswara. The next film directed by Prashant Varma to hit theaters is Octopus.

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