Once again Priyanka Mohan and Dhanush team together after 'Captain Miller'?

"Captain Miller" starring Dhanush and Priyanka Mohan recently become a box office smash. People were captivated by the connection between the two. Dhanush and Priyanka Mohan's collaboration in a forthcoming film is much anticipated. As soon as word got out, fans were overjoyed.

Priyanka Mohan is reportedly making an appearance in a song in 'Nilavukku Enmel Ennadi Kobam,' Dhanush's third feature film as a director. Supposedly a promotional song, filming for this track just wrapped up. The film's score composer, GV Prakash, is said to have a hand in writing this song as well. Production has picked up speed.

Kubra is Dhanush's 51st film, and filming has just begun. After wrapping up filming for "Kubera," he will likely return to his work on "NEEK." Pavish, Anikha Surendran, Mathew Thomas, Priya Prakash Varrier, Ramya Ranganathan, and others are featured in "Nilavukku Enmel Ennadi Kobam," in which Dhanush makes a cameo appearance.

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