Ram Charan's birthday Game Changer will release the first song

The first song from Game Changer, Jaragandi, was supposed to be released for Diwali 2023 but was delayed indefinitely because of problems with the audio documentation. The Ram Charan fandom was deeply let down by this. The song was rumoured to be released on March 27th, which happens to be Ram Charan's birthday, a few days ago.

Dil Raju said that the material for Game Changer would be released on Charan's birthday during today's teaser launch event for Ashish's Love Me. The Game Changer update is something that fans have been nagging him about, he said. The content of Game Changer will be revealed on the birthday of Charan.

No word from Dil Raju on whether it was a song or just a glance. Will March 27th provide a Shankar mark treat? We'll have to watch what happens next. The principal role in this political thriller is played by Kiara Advani. It is Thaman who is writing the music.

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