Samantha Ruth Prabhu Discusses Her Recent Break from Movies

Samantha Ruth Prabhu ranks high among Tollywood's most in-demand performers. It is well-known that she stepped away from the film industry when she battled Mysotitis. Her podcast is gradually picking up where it left off.

During the height of her fame, Samantha revealed to a prominent magazine that she took a hiatus from acting. She expressed her difficulty in making the choice. She continued by saying that she was moving too quickly and needed to ease up. Prioritizing her health was her first priority.

A new film has not yet been signed by Samantha. She and Varun Dhawan will soon be seen in an online Hindi series. One of the biggest stars in the business, Samantha has climbed the ladder of success the hard way. Her health deteriorated after her divorce, and she was unable to work for almost a year as a result.

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