Surprise! Mahesh Babu's Striking Makeover Has Everyone Talking

One of Tollywood's most recognizable stars, superstar Mahesh Babu, is getting ready to film SSMB 29. Apparently, the film's famed director Rajamouli gave Mahesh a number of different appearances, including a surprise gruff one with long hair and a beard.

But Mahesh shocked his admirers not long ago when he revealed a buzz cut and loose hairstyle in a social media picture. Wearing a chic black coat and a black t-shirt, Mahesh exudes an irresistible charm that belies his years in the intriguing snapshot. His admirers are going crazy about his fashionable outfit, which includes googles and a photo of him standing behind a vehicle.

Some have speculated that this photoshoot has anything to do with a future commercial. The actor, who was most recently seen in Trivikram's Guntur Kaaram, was the subject of mixed reviews. The film had a respectable run at the box office thanks in large part to Mahesh Babu's excellent acting, humor, and charm, which were well-received by critics.

Fans can't wait for Mahesh to don Rajamouli's imagined rough appearance in SSMB 29, which will add yet another exciting role to the actor's extensive resume.

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