The Elegant Itineraries of Sitara from Italy

Mahesh Babu, along with his family wife Namrata Shirodkar, children Gautam and Sitara is now on a much-needed holiday in Italy. Namrata and Sitara's Instagram accounts have leaked some photos from their vacation, but information regarding their schedule are still under wraps.

Sitara, the style icon of the family, is at the front of the pack. Posting a photo with the caption "Italy Day 2," she flaunted her stylish vacation attire. She is seen shopping in the shot, wearing a cream-colored mini-handbag, blue jeans, a long pink jacket, and a white blouse. She seems like she's having a blast in Italy, what with her self-assured stance and chic ensemble.

A loving selfie between Namrata and Sitara was posted by the ever-caring mother. All smiles and warmth emanates from them as they wear their snug sweaters and scarves. This mother-daughter selfie gives the impression that the two of them are having a wonderful time on their trip.

As the family relaxes on their vacation in Italy, fans can't wait for Mahesh Babu's next film. There are no specifics yet available about his highly awaited project with S.S. Rajamouli, which is now in the writing stage. But the enthusiasm around this partnership has already begun to spread throughout the Indian film industry.

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