The leading lady who plays Yash's sister in the toxic film?

Toxic was Yash's next project, which he unveiled in December 2023. As Yash's next picture after the phenomenally successful KGF 2, fans all across the country are eagerly anticipating it. Geetu Mohandas, who has gone from actor to filmmaker, will be at the helm of Toxic. With the slogan "A Fairy Tale For Grown-Ups," it promotes itself.

There have been whispers for quite some time that Bollywood superstar Kareena Kapoor would be playing the major role in this film. Kareena would reportedly not portray Yash's love interest but his sister. The article goes on to say that Geetu Mohandas has been trying to cast the B-town star for a key part in his next film Toxic, which is supposedly about brothers. If confirmed, this would be Kareena Kapoor's first appearance in a Kannada film.

Who would portray Yash's romantic interest if Kareena plays his sister? Are we going to see any female protagonists? These specifics will not be known for a few more days. Venkat K Narayana's KVN Productions will be responsible for producing Toxic. On April 10, 2025, the majorgie will premiere in theaters. Toxic is Yash's 19th feature film.

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