The Title of SSMB29 Is Clarified by Rajamouli?

The title of the next film "SSMB29" has fans talking, as they are anxiously anticipating the cooperation of superstar Mahesh Babu and director SS Rajamouli. The rumours, however, have been cooled by recent remarks made by Rajamouli himself.

Speculation over the title was put to rest by Rajamouli at a temple opening event in Bellary. "My next is with Mahesh Babu," he dropped the bombshell. Shooting for the movie is going to start shortly. Thus yet, the film has remained untitled. The rumors surrounding "Maharaja" and "Chakravarthy" have been put to rest by this announcement. Before settling on a title, Rajamouli seems to be giving more consideration to other parts of the film.

More mystery surrounds the matter, as rumours indicate that Rajamouli has instructed Mahesh Babu to stay out of the spotlight. This will probably stop news about Mahesh Babu's costume design for the movie from getting out. Filming is set to start shortly, and Rajamouli seems to be determined to keep the contents of the project under wraps until an official announcement.

The mystery surrounding "SSMB29" has generated even more enthusiasm for this highly anticipated partnership. Although fans will have to hold their breath for the title revelation, they will be kept on the edge of their seats by the news that shooting will shortly begin and by Rajamouli's painstaking approach.

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