Why Did Sree Leela Refuse Pushpa 2?

Of all the actresses in the entertainment industry, Sree Leela is in high demand. After appearing in Pelli SandaD, she shot to fame. Over a very short period of time, Sree Leela was in many critically acclaimed and commercially successful films. In Pushpa The Rule, there are whispers that Sree Leela was asked to sing a duet.

Reports indicate that Sree Leela turned down the role in the film. That being said, official sources have not yet revealed the reasons. With no films in her possession, Sree Leela may be perusing screenplays at the moment. During the Sankranti Guntur Kaaram, she made her last appearance.

Under Sukumar's direction, Pushpa The Rule is filmed. Notable members of the ensemble cast include Allu Arjun, Rashmika, and Fahadh Fassil. August 15, 2024 is when Pushpa The Rule is expected to hit cinemas.

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