Yatra Son of Dhanush Debuts as Cinematographer in 'Rayaan'

Many star kids have been making their debuts in Kollywood films and have been doing so well that they have nearly touched the sky, bringing a beam of new talent to the business. A relative novice has shot to fame thanks to his unusual entry into the film industry and, more importantly, his status as a star kid.

In 'Rayaan,' a film directed by the legend and starring Yatra, who is Dhanush's son, Yatra will be making his acting debut. There was a commotion online after Dhanush unveiled the first look posters. By taking on the unexpected job of cinematographer in his debut film, Yatra distinguishes himself from the typical actor debut.

Yatra had none interest in acting, despite being introduced as one. Instead, he has opted to pursue his love of filmmaking and has broken into the industry with 'Rayaan.' Although the company had previously kept the identity of the person in charge of cinematography under wraps, Yatra's assumption of this crucial role is now public knowledge.

Fans and industry insiders alike are understandably interested in his unusual start and can't wait to see what more he does to captivate moviegoers. As far as Yatra's cinematic career is concerned, "Rayaan" is just the beginning of an incredible adventure.

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