Yellamma is the name of Nani's next film

On the occasion of his recent birthday, Nani revealed his next project with OG filmmaker Sujeeth. The cover art for his next album, Saripodhaa Sanivaaram, was also revealed. Dil Raju will produce a film starring Nani and Venu Yaldandi, who directed Balagam, has been in negotiations with Raju for the last several months.

Despite widespread anticipation, the news was postponed from being made on Nani's birthday. The news of Nani and Venu Yeldandi's collaboration on the film Yellamma was disclosed by Dil Raju himself today.

In addition, Dil Raju said that the production company would be making a formal statement shortly. For lovers of Natural Star, this is definitely good news. As a filmmaker, Yellamma is Venu's second feature, while as an actor, Nani has directed 33 films.

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