Avatar Sequel Shooting Pic Goes Viral


It is known that in the wake of the corona virus, all the countries of the world have announced a lock down for corona binding. Filming also stopped due to the lockdown. Right now people are coming out with their respective countries announcing lockdowns.

Recently James Cameron has also started shooting for the "Avatar' sequel". Four more movies are coming as a sequel to the first part which was released as Visual Wonder. The second part that is currently being screened is more awesome than the first part. In this second part we are going to show the planet Pandora in full. There are also some scenes at the bottom of the water. The film will feature top stars like Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis and Brendan Cowell.

As part of the film's shooting, Kate Winslet suffocated underwater for seven minutes and 14 seconds. Even learning free-dive. The photo of him shooting underwater has now gone viral around the world.

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