Sonu Sood Replay On His Trolls


Actor Sonu Sood has become a real hero by helping many people as they are shaken by the lock down blow caused by Corona. Sonu's efforts to repatriate thousands of migrant workers, especially those in miserable conditions, are no less commendable. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to the complainant. Hundreds of people have been watching Sonu get help through social media. But it is known that a few days ago, people on Twitter expressed doubts that there was something fraudulent behind this. Some people have alleged that the Twitter accounts that got help from Sonu have disappeared.

Recently, Sonu tweeted that he would perform surgery on a person who had asked for medical help. A netizen responded sarcastically. New Twitter account. Two to three followers. Only one tweet to help his medical. At least Sonu was not tagged. Location not specified. Contact details, this e-mail address is not provided. However, Sonu replied to the tweet. Not sure if this is possible. Also, tweets from many Twitter handles in the past asking for help have now been deleted.

Sonu immediately replied. That's the great thing, brother. I recognize those who are in trouble. They turn to me. It is a matter of integrity. You do not understand such things. The man will be in SRCC Hospital tomorrow. Send him some fruit if he wants to help you. Neela is happy if a person with two or three followers spreads love to a person with two or three followers, Sonu countered to the man. Sonu seems to have responded vehemently to all those who make allegations against him with this tweet.

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